John Chichester KNOX (private). Parents: Rt Hon George KNOX and Harriet FORTESCUE.

Richard KULL (private).

Spouse: Judy FORTESCUE.

Elizabeth LADDS11 died on 9 February 1798.

Spouse: Lewis FORTESCUE of Old Weston.. Elizabeth LADDS and Lewis FORTESCUE of Old Weston. were married on 18 July 1773 in Old Weston, Hunts. Witnessed William Collis John Collinson Children were: James FORTESCUE, Jane FORTESCUE, Ann FORTESCUE, Lewis FORTESCUE, Catherine FORTESCUE.

John LAKE (private).

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE.

Emma Davina LAMBERT (private). Parents: Peter LAMBERT of Fearby.

Spouse: Antony William FORTESCUE. Children were: William George FORTESCUE.

Peter LAMBERT of Fearby (private).

Children were: Emma Davina LAMBERT.

Laura LANGRIDGE died on 8 July 1931.

Spouse: Henry FORTESCUE. Laura LANGRIDGE and Henry FORTESCUE were married in 1899. Children were: Albert John FORTESCUE.

Robert LANGSFORD (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Wear-Gifford.

Sibell LAPSLAND (private).

Spouse: John HALSE. Children were: Richard HALSE of Kenedon.

Mary Cruse LARKIN (private).

Spouse: Francis FOSCUE M.D.. Children were: Irene FOSCUE, Frederick Augustus FOSCUE, Simon Errol FOSCUE.

Caroline LATIMER (private).

Spouse: Joseph JELLIS.

Elizabeth LAWRENCE (private).

Spouse: James Guy Fortescue EDGE. Children were: Aurora Fortescue EDGE.

George LAWRENCE RN (private).

Spouse: Mary Spettigue FORTESCUE.

Lt Col Henry LE BLANC (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth MCCLINTOCK.

Sir Richard LE FORT (private).

Children were: Sir Adam FORTESCUE of Modbury.

Margaret Eleanor LE GEYT (private).

Spouse: Matthew FORTESCUE. Children were: Margaret Ann FORTESCUE, Joseph FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Matthew FORTESCUE.

Issac LEACH (private).

Spouse: Drusilla FORTESCUE.

Mary LEAPINGWELL (private).

Spouse: Robert TWEED. Children were: Mary Jemima Faithful TWEED.

John Henry LEDGER75 was born about 1853. In 1856 he was a Joiner in St Pauls Parish, Hull, Yorkshire.

Spouse: Mary Ann FORTESCUE.

Stephen LEE (private).

Spouse: Susan FORTESCUE.

Ashley LEEDER (private). Parents: Daryl LEEDER and Carol FORTESCUE.

Brendon LEEDER (private). Parents: Daryl LEEDER and Carol FORTESCUE.

Daryl LEEDER (private).

Spouse: Carol FORTESCUE. Children were: Brendon LEEDER, Ashley LEEDER, Taryn LEEDER.

Taryn LEEDER (private). Parents: Daryl LEEDER and Carol FORTESCUE.


Children were: William FORTESCUE.

John LEIGH of Churston (private).

Spouse: Mary NORLEIGH of Inwardleigh.

Muriel LEMKEY (private).

Spouse: Michael Kenneth Anson OWEN. Children were: Denise OWEN.

Catherine LEMPRIERE19 was born about 1804 in Trinity, Jersey.

Spouse: Peter Davey FOULKES. Catherine LEMPRIERE and Peter Davey FOULKES were married about 1825 in St Helier, Jersey. Children were: Elizabeth Fortescue Foulkes FOULKES, John Fortescue FOULKES, Catherine Margaretta FOULKES, Peter Everard FOULKES, Stephen Weston FOULKES, Charles Kenrick FOULKES.

Elizabeth LENTHALL47 died on 19 January 1682 in East Allington Church, Devon. Parents: Sir John LENTHALL.

Spouse: Sir Sandys FORTESCUE of Fallapit. Elizabeth LENTHALL and Sir Sandys FORTESCUE of Fallapit were married on 23 May 1680. Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

Sir John LENTHALL (private).

Children were: Elizabeth LENTHALL.

LENTON (private).

Children were: Michael LENTON, Elizabeth LENTON, Christine LENTON.

Antony LENTON (private). Parents: William LENTON and Mary YARNOLD.

Christine LENTON (private). Parents: LENTON.

Elizabeth LENTON (private). Parents: LENTON.

George LENTON123 was born about 1876 in Alconbury, Hunts. Lenton Farms Parents: William LENTON and Mary YARNOLD.

Spouse: Marion (Minnie) E JELLIS. Marion (Minnie) E JELLIS and George LENTON were married.

Jennifer LENTON (private). Parents: William LENTON and Mary YARNOLD.

Michael LENTON (private). Parents: LENTON.

William LENTON19 was born about 1826 in Anbbotsley, Hunts.

Spouse: Mary YARNOLD. Children were: George LENTON, Antony LENTON, Jennifer LENTON.

Molly LEONARD33 was born on 16 September 1909.223 She died in 1974.

Spouse: Herbert Edward FORTESCUE. Molly LEONARD and Herbert Edward FORTESCUE were married. Children were: John Derek FORTESCUE, Julia ( Jay ) FORTESCUE, Edward (Ted) FORTESCUE.

Emma Elizabeth LETHBRIDGE13 was born about 1835 in Westminster.13 She died in June Quarter 1884 in Wandsworth, London.13 Parents: Richard L LETHBRIDGE.

Spouse: George FORTESCUE. Emma Elizabeth LETHBRIDGE and George FORTESCUE were married in 1858 in Westminster, St James Hanover Square.13 Oct Nov Dec QTR Children were: George West FORTESCUE, James Richard FORTESCUE, Francis Henry FORTESCUE.

Richard L LETHBRIDGE (private).

Children were: Emma Elizabeth LETHBRIDGE.

Susanna LEVESON-GOWER19 was born on 18 January 1772 in Trentham, Staffs. She died on 26 May 1847.

Spouse: Dudley RYDER First Earl of Harrowby. Susanna LEVESON-GOWER and Dudley RYDER First Earl of Harrowby were married on 30 July 1795 in Harrowby Park, Staffs. Children were: Susan RYDER, Louisa Elizabeth RYDER.

Catheriine LEVITT (private).

Spouse: Thomas Partridge FORSKEW. Children were: Isaac Partridge FORSKEW.

Eliza LEWERY (private). Parents: Capt William LEWERY and Susan FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Dr Trevor Robert BLACKLEY.

Capt William LEWERY (private).

Spouse: Susan FORTESCUE. Children were: Eliza LEWERY.

Elizabeth LEWIS13 appeared in the census in 1851 in Vicarage, Gulval, Penzance, Cornwall. She died in January 1855 in Gulval, Conwall,. She was buried in January 1855 in Writtle Church, Essex. Witnesses were P Geo Lewis, Louise Ann Lewis and John Faithful Fortescue Parents: Rev J LEWIS of Sandon.

Spouse: William FORTESCUE of Lynn, Norfolk. Elizabeth LEWIS and William FORTESCUE of Lynn, Norfolk were married on 25 October 1804 in Chelmsford Cathederal, Essex. Children were: John Faithful FORTESCUE, Reverend William Fraine FORTESCUE, Elizabeth Juliana FORTESCUE, Maria Louisa FORTESCUE, Elizabeth Frances Ann FORTESCUE.

Harold LEWIS33 was born about 1900. Parents: William Arthur LEWIS of Walthamstow and Eleanor FORTESCUE.

Rev J LEWIS of Sandon (private).

Children were: Elizabeth LEWIS.

Nicholas LEWIS of the Vanne, Glamorgan (private).

Spouse: Martha FORTESCUE of Cookhill.

Norman LEWIS (private). Parents: William Arthur LEWIS of Walthamstow and Eleanor FORTESCUE.