William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE and Sarah HEATLEY.

William FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Anne FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE Of Newport Hampshire (private).

Children were: Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Shebbear and Mary PARSONS.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Adam FORTESCUE.

Children were: Sir John FORTESCUE Of Wimstone.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone and Anne STRECHLEIGH.

Spouse: Joan . Children were: William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE and Mary .

Spouse: Hannah . Children were: Mary FORTESCUE, Hannah FORTESCUE, Anne FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE and Jane MOOREING.

Spouse: Elizabeth TILKINS. Children were: Jane FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Unknown FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Ann . Children were: Winefred FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Humphrey FORTESCUE and Elizabeth .

Capt William FORTESCUE of Barbados (private).

William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone39 was living in 1360. He died before 1375. Inherited his mother's estate of Oldport

Clermont's text says that William married Alice!!

In 1369 William Fortescue and Nicholas Fortescue granted rights to the manors of Orcheston, North Allington, some in Tenhed etc to a Sir John Prideaux.

This William Fortescue married Alice, daughter of Walter Strechleigh, of Strechleigh, in the parish of Ermington, and thus obtained lands in Tamerton ; and, in 1360, by grant of his kinsman, Richard Maldett (Malduit), alias Somaster, whose mother had been a co-heir of De la Port, he had a further extension of property in the form of tenements at Old Port, in Modbury, and at Painston* He was succeeded by his son, William Fortescue (alive 1394), whose son of the same name, married, vitd patris, Elizabeth Branscombe, widow, who was a daughter of Sir John Beauchamp, and sister and co-heir of Thomas Beauchamp, of Ryme, co. From "Devonshire Wills," by Charles Worthy.

Parents: Adam FORTESCUE of Wimpstone and Anna DE LA PORT Of Old Port.

Spouse: Anne STRECHLEIGH. Children were: William FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Wood96 died on 22 July 1520.212 Parents: John FORTESCUE of Wood and Elizabeth TALLANCE of Cornwall.

Spouse: Elizabeth HINGESTON of Wonwell. Children were: Edward FORTESCUE, Robert FORTESCUE of Wood, Margery FORTESCUE, Joan FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh22 died on 8 January 1547/8. William inherited Buckland-Filleigh from his mother and founded that branch as well as the ones at Dromisken and Ravensdale Park. The Buckland-Filleigh family includes Sir Faithful Fortescue.

William inherited the manor and mansion at Buckland-Filleigh at his mother's death. His eldest son John then inherited Filleigh and Wear-Gifford whilst Buckland-Filleigh passed to the succession of eldest sons John, William, and John in turn. Parents: Sir Martin FORTESCUE of Filleigh and Elizabeth DENZIL of Filleigh, Wear-Gifford, etc.

Spouse: Matilda ATKYNS of Milton Abbot. Children were: John FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh, Edmund FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE, Margaret FORTESCUE, Jacquetta FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh22 signed a will on 15 April 1580. He died before 1583. He had his estate probated on 6 April 1583. Parents: John FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh and Christian ARSCOTT.

Spouse: Anne GIFFORD. Children were: John FORTESCUE of Buckland Filleigh, Sir Faithful FORTESCUE, Martin FORTESCUE of Hatherley & Iddesley, Bartholomew FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Jane FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Grace FORTESCUE, Catherine FORTESCUE, Eleanor FORTESCUE, Phillipa FORTESCUE, Frances FORTESCUE.

Sir William FORTESCUE MP Wycombe159723 died before 4 June 1629. He was buried on 4 June 1629 in Mursley Church, Bucks. Sir William was admitted to the Inner Temple on 12th January 1581. His father Sir John had obtained the stewardship of Hanslope Park with reversion to his son, and on 26th April 1609, Sir William was authorised to cut timber there. He died in 1629 and was buried at Mursley Church on 4th June 1629 Parents: Rt Hon Sir John FORTESCUE of Salden and Cecilia ASHFIELD.

William FORTESCUE of Salden23 died in 1639. Parents: Sir Francis FORTESCUE K.C.B. and Grace MANNERS.

Spouse: Anne WEBB of Husbands Bosworth, Leics. Children were: Grace FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE of Salden, John FORTESCUE of Salden, Charles FORTESCUE of Husbands Bosworth, Leics.

William FORTESCUE of Cookhill74 died in 1706. Inherited the Cookhill Estate Parents: John FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Mary .

Spouse: Katherine BRAUNE. Children were: John FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Cookhill12,74 died on 25 December 1806 in Cookhill, Worcester.12 from tomb in Cookhill Chapel from Tomb in Cookhill Chapel Parents: John FORTESCUE and Theodosia BRAUNE.

William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone39 was born about 1345. He was living in 1410 in Wimpston, Modbury, Devon. William is probably the John William mentioned in the text as being the husband of Elizabeth in a will. By now William had estates in Wimstone, Holberton, Strechleigh, Forsan, Cokesland, Broke, Donstan, Tamerton, Smytheston, Wimpell, Thurveton, and Estecot, all thought to be in S. Devon. He also had the manor of Ryme in Dorset. Parents: William FORTESCUE and Joan .

Spouse: Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP. Children were: William FORTESCUE of Wimpstone, Sir John FORTESCUE of Meaux.

William FORTESCUE of Pruteston213 was born about 1456 in Wimpston, Modbury, Devon.19 He died on 1 February 1520. William inherited the Pruteston (or Preston) estate, which is near Plymouth Parents: John FORTESCUE of Wimpstone and Joan PRUTESTON of Preston, Ermington, Devon.

Spouse: Elizabeth CHAMPERNOWNE. Children were: Henry FORTESCUE of Pruteston, Richard FORTESCUE of Pruteston, William FORTESCUE of Pruteston, Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Pruteston, Jane FORTESCUE of Pruteston, Isabell FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Wheatley74 was born in 1540. He died on 6 January 1605. Parents: Nicholas 2nd FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Katherine SKINNER.

Spouse: Ursula NEWPORT. Children were: Sir Nicholas FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Wheatley, John FORTESCUE, Dorothy FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Preston and Wood117 was born about 1545.19 He died on 29 January 1602 in Armington, Tamworth, Staffs. Parents: John FORTESCUE of Preston and Joan FORTESCUE of Wood.

Spouse: FULFORD.

Spouse: Margaret FRANCIS of Comb Floret, Somerset. Children were: Francis FORTESCUE of Wood, Margaret FORTESCUE of Pruteston, Eleanor (Ellinor) FORTESCUE of Pruteston, Elizabeth FORTESCUE of Pruteston, Catherine FORTESCUE of Pruteston.

William FORTESCUE47 was born about 1557 in Fallapit, East Allington, Devon. He was buried in 1623 in Mawgan in Meneage, Cornwall. Parents: Nicholas FORTESCUE of Mawgan, Cornwall and Jane HILL of Heligan.

Spouse: Elizabeth SLEMAN.

Spouse: Christian VIVIAN. Children were: Agnes FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Cookhill74 was born in 1603. He died in 1649. William succeeded to the manor at Wheatley. He was a "Popish
recusant" and so the manor was sequestered. The text says he married
Joane, daughter of Thomas Wilde of Glaseley, Shropshire. There is no
record of descendants of William's sons or his brothers. Parents: Sir Nicholas FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Wheatley and Prudence WHETLEY of Holcombe, Norfolk.

Spouse: Joane WILDE.

William FORTESCUE of Pruteston117 was born about 1617. Parents: Francis FORTESCUE of Wood and Elizabeth SPECKOTT of Thornborough, Devon.

William FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh22 was born on 6 June 1622. He was baptized on 16 June 1622. He signed a will on 5 June 1667. William died in 1679. He was buried on 3 January 1679/80 in Buckland Filleigh, Devon. He had his estate probated on 7 September 1680 in P.C.C (Bathe 116). Parents: John FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Thomasine PRIDEAUX of Solden.

Spouse: Emlyn TROSSE. Emlyn TROSSE and William FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh were married about 1650. Children were: William FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, Henry FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh, Roger FORTESCUE, George FORTESCUE of Tavistock.

William FORTESCUE The Blind Fortescue31 was born in 1625 in Ireland. In Clermont William is shown as not married. However there is a theory that the Huntingdon branch of Fortescues are descended from William. Jill Bowyer's ancestors believed that William's sons were done out of their inheritance by an evil lawyer because of his blindness.
Parents: Sir Faithful (Faskie) FORTESCUE and Lady Anne MOORE.

Children were: William FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Falkbourne70 was born about 1627 in Falkbourne, Essex.19 William sold Falkborne Manor in about 1637, to the Bullock family. It was still theirs in 1865. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Catherine PHILLIPOT.

William FORTESCUE of Salden23 was born in 1633. Parents: William FORTESCUE of Salden and Anne WEBB of Husbands Bosworth, Leics.

William FORTESCUE19 was born about 1637 in Cookhill, Worcester. Parents: Francis FORTESCUE of Cookhill and Frances PEYTON of Doddington.

Capt William FORTESCUE of Newragh169 was born in 1641. He died in 1734. William of Newragh was born in about 1647 (Clermont's Family Tree says
1641!!). He served in the army from his youth. On 19th June 1680 he
became a Lieutenant in his father's foot-company. This commission had
been held, until his death, by Faithful, the son of Sir Faithful and
grandson of the first Sir Faithful of Buckland-Filleigh. Soon after
King William landed in England, William Fortescue joined an
association with the Protestant Nobility and Gentry of the Province of
Munster, and commanded the Party that seized the town of Bandon from
the Irish forces.

He secured the town for King William and Queen Mary until he was
forced to surrender to Lieutenant-General Macarty. The terms of
surrender were ratified by King James, but nevertheless William was
arrested and held for 11 months in Cork Gaol. He was stripped of
everything, and his wife and children were turned out of their house
and were very poor and starving. Some children died. A petition to
the King led to William getting a pension of 20 shillings per day from
Lady Day 1733.

The above paragraph is contradiction to that in Knockbridge Miscellany
which says that his wife's properties were restored to them under the
Act of Resumption See Women in the County Louth in the Seventeenth

William died in 1734, and the pension was discontinued.

William's children were: (1) Thomas, his heir; (2) Chichester of
Dellin, died 1747; (3) Matthew; (4) Faithful of Corderry, a knight of
the County of Louth in 1721; and (5) John, in Holy Orders.
Parents: Sir Thomas FORTESCUE of Dromiskin and Sidney KINGSMILL.

Spouse: Margaret GERNON of Milltown, County Louth. Margaret GERNON of Milltown, County Louth and Capt William FORTESCUE of Newragh were married on 3 May 1681. Children were: Thomas FORTESCUE of Clermont, Mary FORTESCUE, Chichester FORTESCUE of Dellin, Capt Matthew FORTESCUE RN of Stephenstown, Faithful FORTESCUE of Corderry, Rev John FORTESCUE of Whiterath House.

William FORTESCUE of Salden23 was born in 1645. Died without Issue Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE 2nd Baronet of Nova Scotia and Mary STONOR of Stonor.

William FORTESCUE59 was born in 1650 in Barnwell St. Andrews, Northants. He died on 29 October 1712 in Thurning, Hunts.55,62 Feofment in name of William Foskew of Barnwell NRO reference NPL1732.

In the letter by Anne of Longstowe (1798-1852) to her grandson James Henry (1827-1905) she states that Thomas the Blacksmith and this William are descended from the "Irish Fortescue". This letter by Anne checks out in every other detail giving credence to the claim.
The line of succession being from William the son of Sir Faithful Fortescue the founder of the Irish Branch Parents: William FORTESCUE The Blind Fortescue.

Spouse: Elinor GILBERT of Thurning. Elinor GILBERT of Thurning and William FORTESCUE were married in 1689. Children were: Jane FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE of Titmarsh, Anne FORTESCUE, Thomas FORTESCUE, Ellener (Elinor) FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE of Thurning, Robert FORTESCUE, James FORTESCUE of Leighton Bromswold and Thurning.

Rt Hon William FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh214 was born in 1687. He was baptized on 26 June 1687 in Buckland Filleigh, Devon. He died on 16 December 1749. William was buried in Rolls Chapel, London. William of Buckland-Filleigh was born at the mansion of Buckland-Filleigh in 1687 and was baptised on 26th June. Three years later his father died, aged 33. There is no record of his education.

He married Mary Fortescue of Fallapit, daughter and co-heiress of her father Edmund due to her brother Peter dying in 1707. See F.T.5, Note 10. The marriage took place on 7th July 1709 at East Allington. Mary died a few days after her only child Mary was born at Buckland-Filleigh, and she was buried on 4th August 1710 at East Allington, where William put a monument to her.

Soon afterwards, William settled in London. In September 1710 he entered the Middle Temple, where he kept his terms for 4 years, changing to Inner Temple in November 1714. He was called to the Bar in July 1715. In 1714 he was on friendly terms with the poet Pope. His name occurs in many memoirs of the time. He was Private Secretary to Sir Robert Walpole, Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1715. At the general election after the death of George I, in 1727, he became the M.P. for Newport, Isle of Wight, and this continued until his election to the Bench. In 1730 he was made King's Counsel and Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales, the father of George III. He spent his vacations at Buckland-Filleigh, with occasional visits to Fallapit.

William exchanged his seat on the Bench for the post of Master of the Rolls on 5th November 1741, and was sworn in as a Privy Counsellor. He died on 16th December 1749, aged 63, and was buried in the Rolls Chapel. His library and papers were scattered at the sale of Buckland-Filleigh by Colonel Inglett Fortescue.

William's mother Grace, and sister-in-law Elizabeth, lived much of their time with him and assisted in caring for his only child Mary. Grace died in 1743. Elizabeth survived until 1768, having succeeded to the Fallapit property on the death in 1752 without surviving issue, of her niece Mary Fortescue, only child of William. Mary had inherited Fallapit from her mother, and Buckland-Filleigh from her father.

Buckland-Filleigh passed from Mary to a cousin, John Fortescue of Bampton, who was the son of George Fortescue of Tavistock, and uncle to William Fortescue. John was the last Fortescue to possess the Buckland-Filleigh estates. Parents: Henry FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh and Agnes DENNIS of Barnstaple.

Spouse: Mary FORTESCUE of Fallapit. Mary FORTESCUE of Fallapit and Rt Hon William FORTESCUE of Buckland-Filleigh were married on 7 July 1709. Children were: Mary FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE of Titmarsh was christened in 1693. He was born on 25 April 1693. Parents: William FORTESCUE and Elinor GILBERT of Thurning.

Children were: Thomas William FORTESCUE of Stow, Ellener FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE17 was born in 1704. Died in childhood Parents: Earl Clinton, Lord Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Bridget BOSCAWEN.

William FORTESCUE175 was born in 1714. He was christened on 19 May 1714 in Hatherleigh, Devon. He died in 1754. Parents: John FORTESCUE of Hatherleigh and Joan WIVELL.

William FORTESCUE22 was born about 1724. He was baptized on 23 December 1724 in Milton Abbott, Devon. He died in 1748. William was buried on 7 May 1748. Fourth son. Died unmarried Parents: George FORTESCUE of Ford and Mary BARRETT of St Tudy, Cornwall.

William FORTESCUE93 was born on 29 July 1733. He died in 1816. Parents: Rev John FORTESCUE of Whiterath House and Elizabeth BELLINGHAM of Castlebellingham.

Spouse: Rebecca DISNEY. Children were: Faithful William FORTESCUE MP of Milton Grange.

William FORTESCUE20,215 was born on 29 May 1738 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. He was baptized on 29 May 1738 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts. He was buried on 19 August 1739 in Leighton Bromswold, Hunts.
Parents: Thomas FORTESCUE and Mary ARCHER.

William FORTESCUE of Lynn, Norfolk119 was born in 1757. He was christened on 8 September 1757 in Hatherleigh, Devon.19 He died in February 1824. William was buried on 5 March 1824 in Writtle Church, Essex. His Baptism date on Clermont Chart given as 1725 - His parents were not married until 1752 so it is clearly wrong. Visitations of the County of Devon gives his birth as 1758 which is adopted. (DE) Parents: Faithful FORTESCUE of Hatherleigh and Elizabeth FRAINE.

Spouse: Elizabeth LEWIS. Elizabeth LEWIS and William FORTESCUE of Lynn, Norfolk were married on 25 October 1804 in Chelmsford Cathederal, Essex. Children were: John Faithful FORTESCUE, Reverend William Fraine FORTESCUE, Elizabeth Juliana FORTESCUE, Maria Louisa FORTESCUE, Elizabeth Frances Ann FORTESCUE.

Rev William FORTESCUE17,216 was born in 1788. He died on 13 September 1856 in Selworthy, Somerset. Rector of Wear Gifford and George Nympton Parents: Captain Matthew FORTESCUE RN and Henrietta ARCHER.

Spouse: Isobel Barclay CHRISTIE. Isobel Barclay CHRISTIE and Rev William FORTESCUE were married on 6 February 1819. Children were: Archer FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Elizabeth GOULD.

William FORTESCUE17 was born on 12 September 1794. Died as an infant Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE of Lynhurst and Mary MOUNSEY.

William FORTESCUE19,104 was born on 18 April 1794. He was christened on 26 April 1794 in Georges Meeting House, Exeter, Devon. He died about 1866. Parents: John FORTESCUE and Elizabeth HOLMAN.

Spouse: Hannah JACKSON. Hannah JACKSON and William FORTESCUE were married on 15 May 1815 in St Sidwell, Exeter, Devon. Children were: Charles FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE75 was born in 1819 in Stoney Stanton, Leicester. He was born in 1883 in Stoney Stanton, Leicester. He died on 29 December 1891 in Stoney Stanton, Leicester.

Spouse: Catherine SMITH. Catherine SMITH and William FORTESCUE were married on 6 November 1843 in Groby Church, Leicester. Children were: Mary FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE, Harriet Martin FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, George FORTESCUE, Sarah FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE87 was born about 1836 in Exeter, Devon. He was christened on 14 February 1836 in St Sidwell, Exeter, Devon. He appeared in the census in 1881 in 12 Stanley Street, West Ham, Essex. Emily FORTESCUE M 45 F Barnston, Essex Head
Louisa M. FORTESCUE 17 F Plaistow, Essex Daur
John H. FORTESCUE 13 M Stepney, Middlesex Son
Ada A. FORTESCUE 11 F Stepney, Middlesex Daur
Alice B. FORTESCUE 8 F Stepney, Middlesex Daur
Maria FORTESCUE W 75 F Exeter, Devon Mother In L
Parents: John FORTESCUE and (Anna) Maria Sarah TOUT.

Spouse: Emily BRAID. Emily BRAID and William FORTESCUE were married on 17 October 1857 in St James, Westminster, London. Children were: John Henry FORTESCUE, Ada Amelia FORTESCUE, Alice Beatrice FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE was born about 1837.60 Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Mary CARR of Elton.

William FORTESCUE3 was born about 1843 in Leicester, Leicester. He appeared in the census in 1881 in 19 New St, Ipswich St Clement, Suffolk. William FORTESCUE M 38 M Leicester Head Stone Mason
Margaret FORTESCUE M 30 F Beverly, Yor Wife
Ada FORTESCUE 11 F Beverly, York Daur Scholar
Herbert FORTESCUE 7 M North Cave, York Son Scholar
William FORTESCUE 4 M Hawden, York Son Scholar
Richard FORTESCUE 2 M Hawden, York Son Scholar

Spouse: Margaret . Margaret and William FORTESCUE were married. Children were: Ada FORTESCUE, Herbert FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, Richard FORTESCUE, Mary A FORTESCUE.

William FORTESCUE75 was born on 1 June 1853 in Markfield, Leicester. He was christened on 27 November 1853 in Groby, Leicester. He was living !875 in 36 Eifl Road Trevor, Caernarvon Bay, Wales. Had 2 Sons and 3 daughters whilst living in Trevo.r Sett maker Parents: William FORTESCUE and Catherine SMITH. Parents: Mary FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Jane Sophia ANDERSON. Children were: Minnie Jane FORTESCUE, John James Anderson FORTESCUE, William FORTESCUE, Marion FORTESCUE, Florence A FORTESCUE, Lilian C FORTESCUE, Alfred George FORTESCUE, Horace E FORTESCUE.