Mary Jane FORTESCUE19 was born on 23 July 1878 in Keewantin, Northwest Territories, Canada. She died on 27 June 1918. In memory of
Nursing Sister
who died on June 27, 1918.

Military Service:
Force: Army
Regiment: Canadian Army Medical Corps
Unit: Llandovery Castle (Hospital Ship)

Burial Information:
Nova Scotia, Canada
Grave Reference: Panel 2.
Location: The HALIFAX MEMORIAL in Nova Scotia's capital, erected in Point Pleasant Park, is one of the few tangible reminders of the men who died at sea. Twenty-four ships were lost by the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War and nearly 2,000 members of the RCN lost their lives.
This Memorial was erected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and was unveiled in November 1967 with naval ceremony by H.P. MacKeen, Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia, in the presence of R. Teillet, then Minister of Veterans Affairs.

The monument is a great granite Cross of Sacrifice over 12 metres high, clearly visible to all ships approaching Halifax. The cross is mounted on a large podium bearing 23 bronze panels upon which are inscribed the names of over 3,000 Canadian men and women who were buried at sea.

The dedicatory inscription, in French and English, reads as follows:

1914 1939
1918 1945

On June 19, 2003, the Government of Canada designated September 3rd of each year as a day to acknowledge the contribution of Merchant Navy Veterans.
Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE and Sarah Jane MASON.

Mary Jane (Jane) FORTESCUE12,51 was born on 1 February 1870 in Wilby, Northants. Birthplace from 1891 Census when address was Irchester Lodge Farmhouse She died on 17 January 1949. Parents: Gerrard FORTESCUE and Mary PASHLER.

Spouse: Thomas Henry SAXBY. Mary Jane (Jane) FORTESCUE and Thomas Henry SAXBY were married on 5 December 1896. Children were: Dorothy SAXBY.

Mary L FORTESCUE76 was born in 1891 in Leeds, Yorkshire. Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE and Mina .

Mary Louisa FORTESCUE1 was born in 1891 in Leed, Yorkshire. Parents: FORTESCUE and Minna .

Mary Maria FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Charles FORTESCUE and Dorothy SCOBLE.

Mary Spettigue FORTESCUE19 was born about 1775. Parents: Robert FORTESCUE and Nancy DERBY.

Spouse: George LAWRENCE RN.

Mary Turner Erskine FORTESCUE17 was born in 1818. Parents: Matthew FORTESCUE of Belvedere, Dublin and Erskine CHRISTIE of County Fife.

Spouse: Capt Frederick J ISAAKE.

Matilda Maria FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: Macclesfield W HEATH.

Spouse: John Henry WAGSTAFF.

Capt Matthew FORTESCUE RN of Stephenstown (private). Parents: Capt William FORTESCUE of Newragh and Margaret GERNON of Milltown, County Louth.

Spouse: Catherine CONNELLAN. Children were: Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Catherine FORTESCUE of Stephenstown.

2nd Baron Fortescue Matthew FORTESCUE17,26,99 was born on 31 March 1719. He was christened on 17 April 1719 in Greenwich, Kent. He signed a will on 9 July 1780. Matthew died in 1785. He had his estate probated on 24 January 1786 in P.C.C. (Norfolk 17). 2nd Baron succeeded his brother Hugh 3 May 1751 Parents: Earl Clinton, Lord Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE and Lucy AYLMER.

Spouse: Anne CAMPBELL of Stackpool Court, Pembrokeshire. Anne CAMPBELL of Stackpool Court, Pembrokeshire and 2nd Baron Fortescue Matthew FORTESCUE were married on 8 July 1752.52 Children were: 1st Earl Fortescue Hugh FORTESCUE, Captain Matthew FORTESCUE RN, John FORTESCUE, Louisa FORTESCUE, Ann Lucy FORTESCUE, Sophia FORTESCUE.

Captain Matthew FORTESCUE RN17 was born on 12 April 1754. He died on 19 November 1842 in 19 Devonshir Place. Matthew, Captain, RN was born on 12th April 1754. He was made a Lietentant in 1775, and in May 1778 he married Henrietta Archer, who died in 1794. He then married Henrietta Anne Hoare on 6th June 1795. He was made Captain in 1782 on retirement.. Parents: 2nd Baron Fortescue Matthew FORTESCUE and Anne CAMPBELL of Stackpool Court, Pembrokeshire.

Spouse: Henrietta ARCHER. Henrietta ARCHER and Captain Matthew FORTESCUE RN were married on 16 November 1778 in St Marys, Portsea, Hants.19 Children were: Matthew FORTESCUE of Belvedere, Dublin, Rev William FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Henrietta Anne HOARE. Henrietta Anne HOARE and Captain Matthew FORTESCUE RN obtained a marriage license on 5 June 1795.95 They95 were married on 6 June 1795. Children were: Cdr Henry FORTESCUE RN of The Old Manor, Beckenham..

Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown85 was born in 1755. He died on 10 November 1802.191 Mathew hunted at Abington Abbey home of his friend John Harvey Thursby. John's son another John Harvey married Emily, Matthew's daughter.

Details of Matthew as a Tenant of Earl of Roden are given in the book below

"The Roden Title. Statement of Title of The Right Hon. Robert Earl of Roden to the Manor, Town, and Lands of Dundalk and Other Lands in The County of Louth, in Ireland with The Opinion of the Right Hon. Thomas Lefroy Thereon", Hodges and Smith. Dublin. No Date.

Believed the book was published either in 1834 or 1837.

Details given below are:

Tenants' Names in Present Rental (surname/name)
Date of Grant or Lease (dd/mm/yyyy)
Name of Original Lessee (surname/name)

Fortescue Mathew Middle Ward [Dundalk] 01/03/1787 Coleman Thomas 999 years
Fortescue Mathew South Marsh (part of) 21/02/1781 Kelly Patrick 999 years

See for a view of the House today.
Parents: Capt Matthew FORTESCUE RN of Stephenstown and Catherine CONNELLAN.

Spouse: Mary Anne MCCLINTOCK of Drumcar. Mary Anne MCCLINTOCK of Drumcar and Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown were married on 1 January 1787.191 Children were: Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Anna Maria FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Harriett FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Emily FORTESCUE of Stephenstown.

Matthew FORTESCUE of Dundalk93 was born in 1780. He died in April 1850. Died unmarried. Dundalk is a fairly large town in Louth not far from Carlingford. Matthew was living at the same time as Chichester Fortescue, Lord Carlingford.

Parents: Reverend John FORTESCUE and Catherine FORTESCUE of Stephenstown.

Matthew FORTESCUE of Belvedere, Dublin17 was born in 1786. He died on 14 August 1852. Parents: Captain Matthew FORTESCUE RN and Henrietta ARCHER.

Spouse: Erskine CHRISTIE of County Fife. Erskine CHRISTIE of County Fife and Matthew FORTESCUE of Belvedere, Dublin were married on 12 October 1811. Children were: Matthew Charles Maitland FORTESCUE, Mary Turner Erskine FORTESCUE, Capt Thomas Dycke Acland FORTESCUE RN, Harriet Boswell Erskine FORTESCUE, Margaret Lucy FORTESCUE, Hugh Ebrington FORTESCUE.

Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown85 was born on 3 September 1791. He died on 22 January 1845. He was defeated by five votes for the second seat of County Louth in the General Election of 1826. He published a small volume of poems.

A small look at their life is provided by William O'Grady Haly who subsequently became a Lt General and died in 1878. As a young Officer in the 47th Foot he was stationed at Castle Blaney. In a letter to his mother he writes "I left Louth for Newry on the 9th of January, 1932 after having there spent a most pleasant time in the best neighbourhood I have yet got into, all persons of very large properties and fine hospitable [illegible] my greatest patron was Mathew Fortescue of Stephenstown. He is one of the most gentlemanlike men. I suppose I dine there on an average three times a week. C'est chez ce monsieur que fleuret [?] l'heritieres [?] dont [?] j'ai parle mais la demoiselle n'ai que quatorze ans et est encore dans la nursery. I only saw her once or twice after dinner or after tea. She was sent off to bed. Mr F has a very nice young family, the eldest boy about 11 years old. He has the Louth fox hounds and makes his little boys hunt on ponys and I assure you that they ride as boldly as any person in that field to the great terror of their good Maman. I had the two little fellows at my barrack one day four miles from Stephenstown and was quite delighted seeing their surprise at every thing. I gave them as [illegible] a lunch as my situation admitted [illegible] le produit de ma chasse and rode home with them to dine there [illegible] several invites to go there for a few days which our Irish as [sic] not permitted [?] me to avail myself of."

Parents: Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown and Mary Anne MCCLINTOCK of Drumcar.

Spouse: Catherine Eglantine BLAIR of Blair. Children were: Charles Matthew FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Lieu-Colonel John Charles William FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Major Frederick Richard Norman FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, William Hamilton FORTESCUE of Stephenstown, Clermont Matthew Augustus FORTESCUE.

Matthew FORTESCUE17 was born on 18 May 1805 in Clifton, Somerset.3,192 He appeared in the census in 1881 in Oak Park House, East Cliff, Dawlish, Devon. Matthew FORTESCUE Head M Male 75 Clifton, Somerset, England
J.P. & Judge Of County Courts
Maria Jane FORTESCUE Wife M Female 72 Gilwyn, Hereford, England
Judges Wife
Margaret Ann FORTESCUE Daur U Female 48 Greenwich, Kent, England
Judges Daughter
Elizabeth FORTESCUE Daur U Female 45 Greenwich, Kent, England
Judges Daughter
Mary FORTESCUE Daur U Female 44 Greenwich, Kent, England
Judges Daughter
Frances Maria CANALING Daur U Female 26 St Pancras, Middlesex, England $
Judges Daughter
Annie Maud Mary CANALING G Daur Female 13 Canada
G Daur Scholar
The information in Clermont on Matthew seems incorrect due to the following:

1. The 1881 census has Matthew Fortescue a Judge born in 1806 married to Maria Jane born in Hereford

2. Matthew Charles Maitland Fortescue married Maria Jane Bower in 1849 and is said to have died in 1857.- however we have Matthew above alive in 1881.

3 On one of the Birth details on IGI it says of Dawlish!

2. His earlier children were born in Greenwich which is the same as Joseph who was born to Matthew and Margaret Elanor Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE of Lynhurst and Mary MOUNSEY.

Spouse: Margaret Eleanor LE GEYT. Children were: Margaret Ann FORTESCUE, Joseph FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Mary FORTESCUE, Matthew FORTESCUE.

Spouse: Maria Jane BOWYEAR of Hereford. Maria Jane BOWYEAR of Hereford and Matthew FORTESCUE were married in December 1849 in Sevenoaks, Kent. They obtained a marriage license on 14 December 1849. Children were: Frances Maria Caroline FORTESCUE.

Matthew FORTESCUE was born on 4 April 1838 in Greenwich Hostpital, Greenwich, Kent.13 Registered by P C Le Geyt, Occupior, Clerk of the Cheque, Greenwich Hospital He was christened on 3 May 1838 in Greenwich Hostpital, Greenwich, Kent. He appeared in the census in 1911 in The Grange, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, Devonshire. RG14PN12743 RG78PN733 RD272 SD5 ED6 SN25 The Grange, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, Devonshire
FORTESCUE, Matthew Head 1839 72  M Married Private Means Blackheath, Kent
FORTESCUE, Emily Jane Wife 1846 65  F Married Diptford, Devon 28 none
Parents: Matthew FORTESCUE and Margaret Eleanor LE GEYT.

Spouse: Emily Jane JOHNSON. Emily Jane JOHNSON and Matthew FORTESCUE were married in 1883.

Matthew FORTESCUE was born about 1866 in York Factory, Northwest Territories, Canada.3 He appeared in the census !911 in 56 Grosvenor Road (Rathmines & Rathgar West, Dublin). Civil Engnieer B A B A I T C D Mem Inst C E I
No children after 20 years married. Parents: Joseph FORTESCUE and Sarah Jane MASON.

Spouse: Prendentia Angela BUTLER of Ireland. Prendentia Angela BUTLER of Ireland and Matthew FORTESCUE were married in 1890.

Major Matthew Charles Edmond FORTESCUE85 was born on 6 July 1861. He appeared in the census in 1911 in Wymondham, Oakham, Rutland, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. RG14PN19372 RG78PN1154 RD408 SD2 ED21 SN122 Wymondham, Oakham, Rutland, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
FORTESCUE, Matthew C E Head 1862 49  M Married Retired Major Darjeeling, India 17 none
FORTESCUE, Edith M Wife 1870 41  F Married Blair House Ayrshire
He died on 24 August 1914. Edythe and Matthew would have met through the Cunninghams amd his Mother who both lived in Melville Street Ryde, Isle of Wigtht. he inherited the Corberry Estates and Stephenstown from John Charles William and Lord Carlingford. Parents: Major Frederick Richard Norman FORTESCUE of Stephenstown and Marion Jane GARSTIN.

Spouse: Edythe Magdelen CUNNINGHAM. Edythe Magdelen CUNNINGHAM and Major Matthew Charles Edmond FORTESCUE were married on 17 July 1894.

Matthew Charles Maitland FORTESCUE was born in 1812. He died in 1827. Parents: Matthew FORTESCUE of Belvedere, Dublin and Erskine CHRISTIE of County Fife.

Matthew Reymundo FORTESCUE94 died on 22 December 1876 in Fallapit, East Allington, Devon. Parents: Henry Reymundo FORTESCUE Rector of East Allington and Ellen (Helen) WALSH.

Maud FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE of Ebrington, Gloucs and Isabella JAMYS.

Spouse: Robert CORBET.

Maude FORTESCUE19 was born about 1424. Datre looks wrong so doubtful. Parents: Sir John FORTESCUE the younger of Punsbourne and Elizabeth STAPLETON of Ingham, Norfolk.

Mavis FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Percy Alexander FORTESCUE and Liz WATSON.

Spouse: Colin PATTERSON. Children were: Jenny PATTERSON, Ross PATTERSON, David PATTERSON, Anne PATTERSON.

Mawdlen (Madelaine) FORTESCUE (private).

Spouse: William NAPLOCK.

May FORTESCUE11 was born about June 1876 in Milton, Kent.193 She died about June 1958 in Chichester, Sussex.194 Parents: Henry James Francis FORTESCUE and Susan Priscilla BECKENSALL.

Spouse: Charles William DAUGHTRY. May FORTESCUE and Charles William DAUGHTRY were married on 1 April 1899 in Maldon, Essex. Children were: Charles DAUGHTRY, Mollie DAUGHTRY, Murial (Dinah) DAUGHTRY, Frances DAUGHTRY.

May FORTESCUE1 was born in 1880 in Greenwich, Kent. She appeared in the census in 1911 in 21 Christ Church St, Greenwich, London. RG14PN2691 RG78PN92 RD28 SD5 ED5 SN52 21 Christ Church St, Greenwich, London living with daughter Margaret Hobbs
FORTESCUE, Margaret M in L 1844 67  F Widowed Dressmaker Greenwich
FORTESCUE, May S in L 1880 31  F Single Dressmaker Greenwich
Parents: FORTESCUE and Margaret .

May FORTESCUE19 was born in 1882 in Port Douglas, Qld. She died on 29 January 1956 in Dalby, Qld. Parents: William FORTESCUE and Emily Elizabeth WILLIAMS.

Spouse: Edward Henry GEISEL. May FORTESCUE and Edward Henry GEISEL were married in 1903.

May FORTESCUE1 was born in 1900 in Reading, Berks.
Parents: Millicent ALDRIDGE.

May FORTESCUE (private). Parents: James Henry FORTESCUE and Charlotte .

Megan Susan Lois FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Nigel FORTESCUE and Nicola Gay EDWARDS.

Mercey FORTESCUE (private).

Michael FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Peter F FORTESCUE and Kay SOUTHCLIFF.

Michael FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Trevor Victor Norman (Tim) FORTESCUE MP and Marjorie Stratford HUNT of Cambridge.

Michael George FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Lily UNKNOWN.

Michael James FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Barry Julian FORTESCUE and Micaela Christa EICHORN.

Michael Lewis FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Lewis Clifford FORTESCUE and Betty BAXTER.

Michele Evelyn Louise FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Nigel FORTESCUE and Nicola Gay EDWARDS.

Michelle FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Edward (Ted) FORTESCUE and Marcia .

Millicent Lizzie FORTESCUE195 was born about 1891. She died on 21 May 1974 in Concord, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Aged 83. Not known whether this is her Maiden Name Late of Concord and Budgewoi

Minifred Lilian Jean FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Arthur Henry FORTESCUE and Mabel Lillian HOLLIS.

Minnie FORTESCUE33 was born in 1873 in Sth Hackney, London. Parents: Nathaniel FORTESCUE and Eleanor Susanah BOOTH.

Spouse: Frank BUDD of Walthamstow. Children were: Gordon BUDD, Marjorie BUDD, Vera Edith BUDD.

Minnie Jane FORTESCUE55 was born in September 1874 in Trevor, Carnarvon. Parents: William FORTESCUE and Jane Sophia ANDERSON.

Minnie Thorp (Bunny) FORTESCUE12 was born on 22 December 1888 in Woolley Lodge Farm, Hunts. She died on 20 May 1978 in Dibden Purlieu, New Forest, Hants. She was buried in Southampton Crematorium, Hants. Later in life was housekeeper at" The Thatches" Letchworth for ICL. A wonderful cook and had a marvellous sense of humour. Parents: Frank FORTESCUE of Woolley and Minnie Elizabeth TEBBUTT.

Minor FORTESCUE (private). Parents: John FORTESCUE and Mary MEREDITH.

Moses FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Francis FORTESCUE and Jemima .

Spouse: Mary Ann GILES. Children were: Francis FORTESCUE.

Muriel FORTESCUE1 was born in 1897 in Nottingham, Notts. Parents: Herbert Edwin FORTESCUE and Catherine LLOYD.

Murray FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Graeme Edward FORTESCUE and Penelope WHITE.

Myrtle FORTESCUE (private). Parents: George Edward FORTESCUE and Lillian Helen BREWER.

Spouse: Norman SIMPSON. Children were: Kevin SIMPSON, Neville SIMPSON.

Nada Lillian FORTESCUE (private). Parents: Ernest Herbert FORTESCUE and Elizabeth HAW (MATTHEWS).

Spouse: Svante ASTRAND. Children were: Elizabeth Ingrid Marion ASTRAND, Wendy Joy ASTRAND, John William ASTRAND, Rex Leward ASTRAND.