29th Generation

1328. Charles Le Geyt FORTESCUE Professor5 was born about 1878 in Keewantin, Northwest Territories, Canada. Hudson Bay Factory where the Hayes River enters Hudson Bay He immigrated in 1901 to USA. He appeared in the census on 11 April 1930 in Pittsburgh, USA. Charles died on 4 December 1936 in Pittsburgh, USA. The Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Scholarship was established in 1939 at MIT as a memorial to Charles LeGeyt in recognition of his valuable contributions to the field of electrical engineering

Charles LeGeyt Fortescue, born at York Factory, Manitoba, 1876, son of chief factor of Hudson Bay Company-was the first electrical engineering graduate of Queen's University.

After graduation Fortescue joined Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company at East Pittsburgh and attained universal fame for his contributions to the engineering principles and analysis of power transmission and distribution systems. He is especially noted for development of polyphase systems analysis by the symmetrical components method. He made his way, evenutally, to MIT where he became a very well known and respected professor.

Its fascinating that Cecil Lewis Fortescue born 1881 also became a Professor of Electrical Engineering in London University, in the same period. One wonders if they heard about each other?

Charles Le Geyt FORTESCUE Professor and Louise Cameron WALTER were married about 1905. Louise Cameron WALTER113 was born about 1885 in Pennsylvannia, USA. She was a Sculptor

Charles Le Geyt FORTESCUE Professor and Louise Cameron WALTER had the following children:



Jane Faithful FORTESCUE.